Saturday, December 21, 2013

Best NO SPEND Day Ever

As I stand here eating a peanut butter ball.

My sister came over this morning and we made Christmas treats: peppermint bark, chocolate and caramel covered marshmallows, and peanut butter balls.
At lunch time she ran out and got food for her, me and Abe. I'll take a free lunch any day! ENORMO thanks little sis!

Once hubby arrived home we went to the first family Christmas party of the year. It was quite alot of fun, my kind of fun. It was one of those parties where seven adults and one toddler casually converse while munching on food for hours. A fire kindles within the television screen and the only other light in the room is from the glow of the Christmas tree. One of three kitties is cuddled up under a comforter and the two Chihuahuas are snuggled under blankets on alternating laps. My son is the only real entertainment but everyone enjoys each other, avoids talking about politics or absent family members; a rare gem of a party. Quite parties without television in the back ground are wonderful! (okay except for the fake fire but that's not the same thing)

I may be unpurposefully sabotaging my NO SPEND goal as there are ten days left of 2013 and I've still seven NO SPENDs to go but today was honestly perfect... I'll leave thinking about all the gifts I've yet to purchase until another day.


  1. My mom used to make peanut butter balls - YUM! Sounds like a perfect day. And, the photo of Abe by the tree is absolutely gorgeous.