Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 BHAG: For Me

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

The following goals may not be so hairy or audacious but they're important ones to me/ for me.

I NEED to read more. I love to read. I feel more alive when I read; happier. Last year I totally dropped the ball, read maybe 4 books total. Years prior I'd have read 4 books a month. If I can at least read one book a month and bits of the Holy Bible everyday (that's my favorite book) I'll be so much happier; growing more, you know.

I NEED to focus on health. I'd love to post a weight loss goal but in truth I just want to think about myself before I put food in my mouth. I use food for comfort. For some reason when everything is chaos, when time is lacking (or spinning out control), when my home seems to be crumbling around me, when I feel as if I haven't seen my hubby for days at a time or when my heart is just aching because I am totally an emotional female I just want to eat, and eat, and then eat some more (even if I'm filled beyond capacity). I'm not going to post any crazy work out goals. I can hardly find time to shower but one thing I can do is think every time food presents itself (it seems to do this often). That is my goal: think when food is involved (I guess thinking is always good).

Remember to notice the lovelies. I need to be thankful, grateful, and aware of the beauty and blessing around me. It's too easy to forget to look. I need to look. A journal would be a great tool for these goals. Writing down what I eat always helps keep certain foods away. Writing down what I've read each day can be good motivation to remember to pick up that book. Writing down the lovelies certainly can spark the reminder to look for them.

My goals this year specifically for me apparently boil down to read, think, and look. Pretty basic I'd say but detrimental and so easy to lose sight of.


  1. "Read, think, and look." I like that.

  2. I like your goals. I look forward to you keeping us up to date.

  3. Your goals sound very similar to mine.