Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hershey Deer

I'm running around like a crazy woman today trying to finish up everything for my families Christmas party. I'm feeling horribly insecure about my homemade money jars. I had to run to the store this morning for all the remaining odds and ends. I'm hoping I have time to finish everything up and then Hubby calls and say's he probably won't make it to the party because work is holding him over. Gah! We've had a family photo with all of us in it for the past 6 years and my husband is possibly going to be a no show for little Parker's debut family photo. I'm feeling horribly sad. BUT It's beautiful out today (dangerous but beautiful). Everything is covered in at least a 1/2 inch think layer of ice. It's snowing now so the ice is getting covered in snow. It's really magical out there right now.
Well, we finished our reindeer. I've been having Abe color one sheet of paper with brown crayon for the antlers and one one sheet of paper with red for the noses. I'm considering these his gift to the cousins. I don't know if we'll be able to have him hand them out because at this age I'm pretty sure he'll just get upset about not being able to keep them but it's the thought that counts, right. We'll see :)

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