Sunday, August 17, 2014

Grocery Adventures

We took some change out of my son's piggy bank this morning so that he could buy himself a donut and a penny pony ride at the store today. Then we were off, coupons in hand. I used my entire coupon haul from the catalina machine (thanks Sluggy; I couldn't remember what that thing was called) but boy was it a brain drainer. I had to purchase $10 worth of produce, $5 worth of cheese, $75 worth of groceries (just to name a few) in order to get such and such a deal from the different coupons. The store is doing a 10 items for $10, get the 11th item free special this week. I felt like I was doing an intricate jig saw puzzle as we zigged and zagged up and down grocery aisles trying to meet the criteria for each coupon. I mega tip my hat to extreme couponers. I do NOT know how they do it. I really hate grocery shopping.

Our cart was fuller than any shopping cart I can remember checking out with in years. I picked up $117.91 worth of groceries for $74.13. I saved $43.78 today; $13.50 worth of coupons from the newspaper last week and the catalina haul and $30.28 from items being on sale. My cart consisted of tons of food, cat litter, laundry detergent, some wipes for the diaper bag (at hubby's request), this Sunday's newspaper and our Free ice cream since we had over $75 worth of groceries. We ended the adventure with the penny pony ride. Little Abe holds his penny in his hand the entire time we're grocery shopping just waiting for that pony ride after check out. Whoo, I call that another mission accomplished!

I'm hoping for 3 no spend days in a row now. I think I'm going to have to pick up one or two things here and there though. Ah, fingers crossed.

Average daily spending for August: $18.56
(above average factors in 3 no spend days)


  1. Wow! A penny pony ride? I wish they had those out the store we go too. The girls would love it.

    1. I shop at a pretty big grocery store chain but it's also a local grocery store chain. They've been in business for something like 80 years now and they've had penny pony rides since almost the first day they opened their doors in their first store. They're proud of never raising the prices on the pony ride. I guess, at least there's one thing in the store that inflation hasn't ever been able to touch.

  2. I'm assuming it's some sort of mechanical pony!