Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hit the Jackpot (no I don't play the lottery)

Absolutely the itty bittyest things get me excited. The coupon machine at the grocery store spit out all these babies today. They are all good ones too. I don't usually hit the jack pot on the coupon machine at the grocery store (in case an explanation is needed there is a separate printer next to the receipt printer at the grocery store that prints out store promotions or even manufacturer promotions). I got:
save $1.50 on $10 of produce (any brand)
$3 off tidy cat litter (which I use)
save $1 on $5 purchase of cheese (any brand)
save $1.50 on frozen chicken or fish (any brand)
save $2 on cereal (any brand)
FREE ice cream on a $75 basket
save $1.50 on 3 ice creams

Pretty sure I'll be spending $75 on groceries at some point in the near future of which will include some produce, cat litter (if it's on sale), cheese, fish sticks, cereal, and free ice cream. I totally hit the jackpot!

Semi related the plain old factory farm eggs at the grocery store are now all the way up to $1.99 a dozen. I think it's safe to say that my egg lady isn't keeping up with inflation charging $2 a dozen for her free range GMO free farm fresh eggs. Geesh, food is truly skyrocketing in price.


  1. That machine is called a Catalina....spits out Catalina coupons.
    Congrats on getting some good ones!