Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When Life Gives you Lemons Make Lemonade (or, um, fried green tomatoes)

A stalk broke on one of the tomato plants and I about cried. It was holding one of the biggest tomatoes, there are only two others that are bigger and riper than the fallen solider.
At first I was just sad and wondering if there was a way to save him and then I thought of fried green tomatoes. Confession numero uno: I've never battered and fried anything before. Confession number two: I've never eaten or tried or even seen in person a fried green tomato. But I still went for it.

Tonight for dinner me and the kiddo ate fried green tomatoes for the very first time. Needless to say I am so proud of myself. Seeing as I have zero experience in this arena I think I did grand. I made sandwiches out of the little green beauties: biscuit, egg, tomato slice and miracle whip.

Average daily spending for August: $17.64

On a more personal note, because yes it does get more personal than ones dinner choices, I've been having a rough time with the money lately. It's mostly dealing with one of the family members (not little Abe) spending a bit more thoughtlessly as of late and my trying to pay the bills on time and still budget money for food and gasoline and... it gets draining. I have noticed, and I think it's only natural, that when he's out spending like we did in the "old days" I want to be able to spend more too, buy new clothes, go out for a nice dinner or two, buy a few or A LOT of Starbucks beverages (I never buy starbucks coffee anymore), order some fancy chocolates; the list goes on. But I can't because I'm the responsible one. We don't have the money to spend on that stuff, not right now anyway. Sigh. This too shall pass. He's progressively gotten better and better and a bump in the road is a bump in the road but that is where I am at... I guess I should stick with the title and try and figure out how to make lemonade out of this pile of lemons?

*I won't publish any negative comments about him. I'm a blogger. I blog mostly about spending less money. This frustration I'm feeling is the sort of thing that I feel needs to be said here (at least every now and again) but I won't publish negative comments about my husband; not that anyone would try and be mean but I know that you've all got my back. (funny comments... maybe)


  1. You're funny, and I'm rooting for you!

  2. I've never fried green tomatoes - you just might have inspired me. The only problem is that any green tomatoes in this household get made into chutney! But you need quite a few tomatoes for that so if I have the odd one you have given me an idea!

  3. I'm proud of you too! I've heard of fried green tomatoes but I've never done it either. I think I'm gonna have to try it out just because the pictures you posted look so yummy! I now have a hankering for a sandwich exactly how you made it. High Five to you!!! :)

    1. Please do let me know how yours turn out if you try them? I'm still surprised I was able to pull it off :)

  4. I've never fried a tomato before. But if you have tomatoes that are not ripe yet, you can always put them just on a counter (or in a box) and they will ripen soon. I have 3 tomatoes sitting on my windowsill as we speak :) The vine started to break so I took them of. They are already pleasantly orange :) I usually pick green tomatoes before freezing temperatures hit (or they will turn black) and have homegrown tomatoes way into November.