Sunday, August 17, 2014

In Other Not too Terribly Interesting of News

I picked the first ripe tomato from my garden today. It was terribly ugly so I sliced it up for it's debut photo. I was given three different types of tomato plant. This particular individual is a black krim heirloom tomato. I will say this of the ugly little fellar, I don't like eating plain tomatoes; love them on sandwiches, burgers, in sauces, but just plain, no thanks! I took a bite out of this particular tomato and I was thrilled at the results. Factors such as it being a fruit freshly picked from the garden and that I grew it myself might play in but it was the sweetest most delicious tomato I've ever tasted. I'm so happy with my backyard produce this year; the first year I've ever tried gardening!

My new work pants still don't fit (I have not bought an alternate pair; I have been getting by pretty well) but I ate very healthily today so I'm on the right track. Haha! This little conundrum has opened my eyes to a sad fact, at least at my little spot on the planet the majority of woman wear their pants MUCH too tight. My over awareness in trying to fit into tiny pants has caused me to notice the vast majority of people bulging out of theirs. They must all be so uncomfortable and I dare say most of them probably didn't purchase way too small of pants in hopes of fitting into them months down the road. They just dress this way. I feel awful for them all. It is my opinion that people shouldn't have to go through life like sausages squeezed into their clothing, popping out at the seams. Who ever knew it was so common? There are life lesson's to be learned from every frugal moment, this is for sure!

Another frugal fact I discovered today: I am much more of a stickler when it comes to wasting a thing than I had ever realized. It drives me crazy when my mother in law uses like 1 tbl. of dish soap to wash her hands or when we're out and she grabs 10 ketchup packets and throws 8 of them in the trash without ever using them. But today I needed to make room in my fridge for my huge grocery shopping trip and I was forced to accomplish a task that I hadn't really realized I was putting off. There were several almost empty chocolate syrup, mustard, and ketchup bottles in the fridge that I could NOT rinse out for recycle because there was a little but left in them. You know, that little bit that doesn't really squeeze out? Today I tipped them all upside down and let the itty bits of their contents drain into much fuller bottles. It's amazing how much extra room one might have in their refrigerator if they remove the 5 almost empty bottles of condiments hanging around in there.


  1. Ah, but that's the joy of Blogland - reading other people's trivia and then looking at our own through new eyes. The trivial and the humdrum are not unhonoured.

  2. When I was 35, I realized tight pants were causing health problems. I started wearing elastic waists and never looked back. I even pulled off the elastic waist in professional attire. No one knew I used elastic pants and skirts. Then, after I severely injured my knee, knits became the thing I needed to wear. I am not stuffed into the knits and elastic. And, I am not working, so no one is around to criticize.