Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunny Monday Morning

So far today I've been to the chiropractor, watered the backyard produce, got some laundry in, done a lesson with my son (we're working on colors, shapes, and letters and counting), and we went grocery shopping. There's chili on the stove. I should be able to get cornbread in the oven before I leave for work.

My grocery trip was pretty darn successful for a Monday morning. I hoped to spend $50 and ended up spending $52.25. I recouped yesterday's newspaper cost using $2.55 in coupons from the paper. Almost everything I purchased was on sale so I saved $24.78 on the entire bill. I'm pretty sure I can pull off three no spends in a row Tuesday-Thursday. I picked up enough stuff for 5 dinners and we're set on lunches and breakfasts and snacks, I think.

I'm off to work as soon as my son goes down for his nap. Pretty good day thus far! Hope you all are having a great one as well.

Average daily spending for August: $19.50

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