Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Spicy To-do List (Update)

I'm pretty impressed with how this last week ended up. I completed a ton of the things on my list and many if not most of those accomplishments were due to them being on the list. I feel like I got out of the blah's I had happened into and I really enjoyed all of the spices during the process. To top it off I did pretty well with spending too. We're going to dinner with a friend this evening so I can't justifiably give an update on my average daily spending for August but right now I'm in the $17 range.

Lesson learned from this experiment: It's really very important to remind oneself to do things that make you happy/ things you love throughout the busy days and weeks that seem to run into each other with the ordinary, the mundane, the never ending to-dos. It's the spicy things in life that make it most enjoyable and I think little black rain clouds and robots don't much like spices.

Somethings Out of the Ordinary To-do List (Spices)
Listen to LOTS of music: Check
Make a brand new dinner: Not yet
Capture something absolutely beautiful in photograph (ideally this would include a something beautiful hunt): Not quite.
Read an entire book, not just a few pages, not a few pages from a few books, an entire book. I love to read and hardly ever do it: Working on it!
Draw/ Sketch: A little bit, yes.
Do a fun outdoor activity with little Abe: We went to a tennis court and played tennis today for the first time. He was thrilled. I got some pretty good exercise in too (chasing the ball).
Write a letter (you know the kind you mail with a stamp): Written. Will be mailed on Tuesday.
Go for a nice long walk: Yes.
Bake something extra yummy: The yummiest chocolate cake I've ever eaten!
Do a new craft with little Abe: Crafted a little but nothing new yet.
Sew something even if it's silly and useless: Nope.
Write a story: Yep.
Visit with a friend or relative: Spent some time with two friends and hung out with my sister yesterday.
Don't watch or listen to the news. It's just too much doom and gloom: Doing pretty good with this one too.
Yep. He's throwing the ball at the racket on the ground.


  1. What story did you write? :)

    1. Just that blog post a few days ago; a very short story but a story none the less.