Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sweet Dreams

I just cooked up a batch of blueberry syrup. Oh my goodness! I want to go to sleep this very minute so that we can have our extravagant blueberry breakfast asap. I plan to thoroughly clean the kitchen this evening so it shall be all cozy and ready for pancakes tomorrow. I think I might even set an alarm so that I can get up before the babe (Abe). I haven't set an alarm for anything since before he was born (that'd be almost 3 years now). I think I love food way too much...


  1. :) my "biological alarm" (four legged) is mostly reliable, but sometimes sleeps in too! :) so I have to set an alarm as a backup, just in case.

    1. haha, I guess I have one of those "biological alarms" too (or three of them)

  2. I love this! What a great reason to want to wake up!