Friday, August 15, 2014

The Messiness of Me

 This is pretty much exactly what my life feels like right now.

Two sleepy owls stuck beside memories of journeys past
Living among-st a decapitated bobble head and shattered monkey,
A broken giraffe,
Nail clippers and chapstick no one can ever find,
My grandparent's matchstick shoe that left a scar on my forehead from when I was only three,
A squirrel treasure (still intact),
An envelope of film negatives from almost 20 years ago...
Yep, almost exactly like that!

And not even because of any sort of tragedy or grim event. Just because sometimes life gets overwhelming and messy from having had too many balls in the air all at once for far too long, too many things on the to-do list that never got do'd; just too much in ones head and not enough adults to share that much with.

This is NOT a staged photograph. We absolutely have an odd little cubby in our dining room wall with all kinds of things Abe has broke or that we've snatched from his little fingers and stashed on that ledge. I neither added nor removed anything for this blog post. Isn't it lovely though!?!?

Average daily spending for August: $18.37


  1. Isn't it odd that everyone else's cubby hole (when I was a child we called it the glory hole) is more fascinating than one's own? It's the negatives which are fascinating me! And I love the owls.

    1. It is odd. I don't know any homes with "the glory hole" except mine. Everyone says it's for Catholic purposes (my Dad's side of the family are all Catholic but I was raised non-denominational Christian) and the house was built by my husband's grandparents in the 40's but they were protestant. I think they used it for their telephone :-)

      The literal negatives are from a road trip that a close friend and I took from here in Michigan all the way to Seattle Washington (and since we were so close we drove over to the Pacific Ocean as well) and back. It was the best trip ever! I had them safely tucked away and then realized I don't have any of the literal prints myself and thought of getting them printed up. Since then they've ended up in the hands of my son several times.