Monday, August 11, 2014

Help Make a Dream Come True

I've asked for money once before during my 3 and a half years writing this blog. It was when I did the first $12 a day annual fund raiser. I can't resist posting this request because I follow this particular family on facebook and they are such a brilliant light in this world.
I went to youth group with this amazing woman of God. She went on a mission trip to Haiti several years ago and ended up falling in love with a man there. She now lives in Haiti and has been married to her wonderful husband for 3 years. They have a young son (I don't think he's a year old yet). They've started a school in a desolate area. They feed the kids there. It all just amazes me. Those beautiful children are being helped so much by these people.

My friend's Haitian husband has never gotten a visa to the US for financial reasons. My friend will be bringing their ADORABLE son home to the US for a visit fairly soon (it will be Benson's first time in the US) and she would LOVE for her husband to come along (it would also be his first time in the US) but as of right now they can't afford the visa. I'm just putting this out there for anyone who feels so inclined to donate a few dollars to this family. Oddly enough I had planned for my next $12 a day annual fundraiser to be for this family because I admire them so much but seeing as there is a need now I'm just going ahead with the request.

I've linked to their fundraiser beneath the two photos. If you're interested in donating you can just click on one of the photos.

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