Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Turn

While going through the laundry I always pull out any sock of my husband's that has a hole in it and then I cut off the toe. I cut the toe off so that he won't wear it again and because I use old socks for rags. Why is it that I don't want my husband wearing holey socks and yet this is in my sock drawer?

I wore it the other day too. It's because I value my husband's comfort significantly more than I value mine. Recently I committed to finding little ways to take better care of myself. This sock (and sadly there is a matching one with virtually the exact same damage) is one little way I can take care of me. I'm not going to go out and buy new socks I will just have one less pair for now. The toes have been cut off of this mangled set. They are officially out of rotation and I will never rush into another chiropractor appointment hoping that he does not notice the enormous sock hole at my heel (yep, I wore it out of the house). I'm still frugal, becoming more so all the time but this kind of thing is important. I think it's my turn to matter. I'm worth it.