Saturday, August 2, 2014

Strawberry Advice?

My strawberry container garden has done great this year! Right now it has two different shoots hanging over the edges of the pot with about 6 or 7 small plants starting off of them. I know that if the plants were on the ground most of the new plants would root right there but seeing as they are hanging over the edge of a pot and seeing as I don't want them planted in the ground I'm wondering what's the best way to go about planting them?

The longer I'm leaving the shoots the more plants they are creating. I imagine I'll have to cut the shoots off eventually before winter arrives but do I place each little plant in a cup of water to grow roots? Do strawberry plants do that? I'd love to start a second container garden in back next year with the new plants and maybe give some away to friends too. I'm not sure what's the best way to go about keeping these new little beauties alive though.

Any strawberry plant experts out there?

Oh, I'm also wondering about wintering. I know that since they aren't in the ground they won't last the winter (and we're supposed to have another bitterly cold winter here this year). I saw online to put the pot in the garage next to an interior wall but we have a rickety detached garage and other than wind it will be the same temp in there as outside. Does anyone know, will putting them in the pantry in the basement be too warm for them to winter?


  1. Just peg your strawberry runners down. That means leave them attached to the parent plant but push them into soil (or a pot of soil) and let them root in the soil. Once they have rooted cut them free of the parent.

    1. I'd thought about maybe putting small pots of soil beneath each new plant. I'll probably do that then.