Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Today's Spice: Dinner at the Kitchen Table

My friend and I are doing a cleaning swap this week (that's what we call it). She watched little Abe for me today while I cleaned for two hours at my house and I'll watch her little one tomorrow while she cleans at her place. This is the second time we've done the swap and I'm still AMAZED at how much I can accomplish in two hours without my little buddy at my heels.

I deep cleaned in my small kitchen and re-arranged things so that the microwave (and a hundred other items) is no longer on the kitchen table. My husband grew up eating in front of the TV and he's basically insisted we continue the tradition here. I fussed about it for a few years but seeing as we didn't have kids for the first ten years of our marriage I never made a huge deal of it. I'm embarrassed typing it for all the world to read but we've never eaten together around a table at home before, the three of us. We've eaten at tables in restaurants and at other peoples homes. We three eat dinner together every night (mostly) but we don't eat at a table here. It makes my heart a little sad just typing that out. I grew up eating at a table (well for 10 years anyhow). I don't enjoy eating dinner in front of the TV (for the most part I don't enjoy the TV at all).

While I was making dinner tonight I got the newly cleared off table all set with plates and beverages and the ever present ketchup bottle (my husband is really an old 5 year old). I walked into the living room and told the man very politely that I would really appreciate it if we could eat together at the table tonight. He does know that this is something I desire. He laughed so hard (you have to know his sense of humor). At first he joked with me and said no but then he acquiesced. I cannot remember feeling more happy; just pleasantly happy. My husband ate with a scowl on his face for the first few minutes. I'm certain he was just picking on me but it was annoying. He couldn't keep it up for very long though because our darling boy kept talking, and talking, and talking, and... he is a yapper. The little guy kept making us both giggle and telling silly jokes and just non stop blabbing. I couldn't have dreamed of a more pleasant dinner around the kitchen table for our first time. It was perfect. Might I add that a tremendous sun beam was coming in through the west window shining onto my spot at the table. It was certainly metaphorical because I was truly glowing inside.

All in all today was great. There was nothing robotic about it. It was the "spiciest" day I've lived in ages. I shared my wonderful chocolate cake with two friends and my husband's step dad. We received a gift of fresh picked tomatoes and corn from my husband's grandmother's garden. My kiddo had several adventures that he made sure to give thanks for tonight during our prayers (eating at the table was one of them). I picked up eggs from the farm on my way home from work. I feel abnormally grand after picking up those farm fresh eggs. It's like I'm going out of my way to be... I don't know, back to basics. I saw a garden full of sunflowers that had to have been 15 feet tall at least. They were amazing! I read some more of my book. I think I'm about a third way through with it now. I feel refreshed.

Average daily spending for August: $17.80

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